​Welcome to Costa Blanca and Maraiso

1 Aug 2014

Costa Blanca means the white coast, whose coastline is 219 km long, has received its name from the famous white beaches and cost line. Costa Blanca is a part of the Alicante province in the Valencian region. Here we have over 320 sunny days in the year and, this region is known for being the “home land” of the paella and also for the citrus fruits like oranges and lemons that are exported all over the world.

According the WHO (world health organization), Orihuela Costa (region of Costa Blanca) is one of the best health promotion places to live in the world, due to the micro climate it has. People travel here to bathe and lubricate in salt and its special mud because they help you to get rid of several diseases. It is said that people with psoriasis having a bath two times will be symptom free for one year.

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